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How to manage a team as One Minute Manager?

Recently I read a book on management "The New One Minute Manager" by Ken Blanchard and Dr. Spencer Johnson. It's a straightforward book to read and grasps the points and is easy to implement. I recommend everyone to read this book.

But for those who can't read that book for some good reason, this blog is for you. I am jotting down all the learning and critical concepts from the book. So by reading this blog, you will learn all the key points from the book, and you may also drop the plan to read the book :). Although I will suggest you read the book.

So let's begin.

As a manager, you will be managing a team of people in your organization. A team is really a team when everyone on the team contributes their talent. Brain power is not only in managers, leaders, or executives. Every individual has that, and when everyone uses this collectively, it becomes a team.

Leading with collaboration is far more effective than the old command and control system.

Managers/Leaders should meet with their team at least once a week if daily is not possible. Use these meetings as an opportunity to get group reviews and analyze what the team has achieved since the last you met, the problems they have, and what needs to be accomplished. It is also important to know about the team's plan and strategies to get things done.

The purpose of these meetings is for people to participate in making the key decisions about what they're going to do next.

To succeed sooner managers need to be result-oriented and people-oriented.

People who feel good about themselves produce good results.

Helping people feel good about themselves is a key to productivity. Productivity is more than just the quantity of work. It is also the quality.

1st secret: One-Minute Goals

Setting a One Minute Goal is the beginning of One Minute Management.

Key points:

  1. You should describe your team member's goals in a brief and clear manner. Make sure people know what good performance looks like.

  2. You will stay on the same page with people if you do this.

  3. On a single page, have the team members list each of their goals and due dates.

  4. People can quickly review their goals daily.

  5. Write down their major goals and responsibilities not every aspect of their job.

  6. Every day, ask them to review their most important goals. This will only take them a few minutes each.

  7. Ask them to pause and consider how they are acting in relation to their goals.

  8. Check their performance against their goals.

  9. If it doesn't motivate them to rethink what they're doing so they can achieve their goals sooner.

2nd secret: One-Minute Praising

Let your team member know in very specific terms when they are doing well and when not.

Punishment does not work when you use it with someone who's learning.

Help people reach their full potential. Catch them doing something right.

Key points:

  1. Whenever possible, praise people.

  2. Make sure people know what they did right-be specific.

  3. Let people know how pleased you are with what they did right, and how it helps.

  4. Let people feel good about what they accomplished by pausing for a moment.

  5. Inspire them to keep doing what they're doing.

  6. Your confidence in them and support for their success should be clear.

3rd secret: One-Minute Re-Directs

Praising people does not always work if it is not combined with re-directs to correct mistakes when they occur.

Goals make clear what is most important to focus on, Praising builds confidence that helps you succussed, and re-directs address mistakes.

If managers would address things earlier, they could deal with one behavior at a time and the person would not be overwhelmed.

Key points:

  1. People should be redirected as soon as possible.

  2. Be specific about the mistake, and confirm the facts.

  3. Explain the impact of the mistake on the results and how you feel about it.

  4. Allow people time to feel concerned about what they did by being quiet for a moment.

  5. Do not forget to tell them how much you appreciate them as a person and how much you think well of them.

  6. Tell them that you trust and believe in them and that you support their success.

  7. When a re-direct is over, it's over.

The best minute manager spends, is the one manager invests in people.

Quotes from book

Everyone is a potential winner. Some people are disguised as Losers. Don’t let their appearance fool you.
Take a minute to look at your goals. Then look at what you are doing and see if it matches your goals.
We are not just our Behavior. we are the person managing our behavior.
Making mistakes is not the problem. It's not learning from them that causes real problems.
Goals begin behaviors. Consequences influence future behaviors.

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