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Dheeraj is practicing software engineering for almost the past 10 years. He lives in Bangalore, "Silicon Valley" of India.

Dheeraj is a student by nature and Tech Lead by profession. He is using C++(11/14) as his core skills. He also has good exposure to Python. These days he is learning Rust programming language. He has good experience in designing and developing software products.

Other than these, he is very much interested in Cloud and Security technologies. He has done his first AWS certification and now studying Cyber Security. He is planning to get a CEH certification soon.

Dheeraj has completed his B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication. After his degree, he did a Post Graduate Diploma in System software Development from CDAC-ACTS, Pune.

Dheeraj believes, that you learn when you teach or explain to others. He believes in explaining in simple language. If you can't explain in simple language, you do not understand the topic well.

Having this in mind, he started a C++ community CppIndia, in India on 15th August 2020. This is an important day for Indians. 15th August is India's independence day.

CppIndia is the only active online C++ community in India. and many other international communities including CppCon, recognize CppIndia.

The motive of CppIndia is to bring experienced, fresher, college students and recruiters to a platform. It is a free community where speakers present a talk to the community. You can check the CppIndia YouTube channel. If interested, please join CppIndia from the website.

Dheeraj is not very great at technical writing. He wanted to improve his skill so decided to start writing blogs here.

Dheeraj loves to do gardening and some DIY in his spare time. He often clicks pictures from his Nikon. He likes reading self-help and startup books other than technical books. He listed a few here which he likes most.

About: About


Key Competences

  • Application development and Testing on Unix/Linux/Windows

  • Sound knowledge of different Design Patterns.

  • Leading and mentoring a team.

  • Analyzing, creating, and maintaining stakeholder requirements, system requirements, and design requirements


C, C++(11/14), Python, HTML


  • Object-Oriented Programming concepts (OOPS)

  • JSON

  • STL, data structure

  • Multi-threading, System programming

  • Networking fundamentals, different protocols, and Socket Programming


SQL/NoSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB


  • git, svn, Github, TFS

  • JIRA, Bugzilla

  • Confluence, VSS, Lotus Notes, Redmine, code striker


  • Gcc/G++, VC++, GradeIDE,

  • GTest(test framework), Visual Studio 2019, MFC/Win32, eclipse, Dev-C++

  • Windows, Unix/Linux

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